Super-Exploitation and Resistance

by José Luis Granados Ceja

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The terms super-exploitation and anti-imperialism might bring to mind the late 19th century. A new podcast, Super-Exploitation and Resistance hosted by José Luis Granados Ceja reminds listeners that these forces are still shaping society and politics in the 21st century. Ceja is a Mexico-based writer and photojournalist with a passion for grassroots political action and the worldwide labour movement. The podcast takes a critical look at the ideology and practices of Industrial Capitalism in Latin American and Caribbean countries both today and in the recent past. Each episode contains interviews with labour leaders, academics, activists, and organizers who share their struggle to resist oppression and efforts to build a more just world.

Each of the five episodes to date have analyzed a specific issue through the lens of ongoing current events around the globe. The first episode illustrates that while the Canadian government and mining industry have worked hard to maintain a reputation of the lesser of two evils when compared to the United States, they have enabled and engaged in the exploitation of both the people and the land of many Latin American and Caribbean countries. The most recent episode attempts to answer the question, “what is internationalism” by examining some of the domestic political issues facing Cuba, Palestine, and Venezuela.

While not all listeners may share the particular political viewpoint of the host or guests, Super-Exploitation and Resistance reminds listeners of the power that the far-right is amassing around the world to enact policies that harm people and the planet and the role that, as members of the labour movement, we can play in the fight to resist them. This informative and accessible podcast is a must listen for anyone who wants to learn more about power and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean and those working to fight for human rights.

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Danny Gray is a teacher in District 4, Near North and is a member of the provincial New Member Engagement Advisory Work Group.

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