Conquering the Crowded Curriculum

By Kathleen Gould Lundy

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A measure of a good book, is would I pick it up again? The answer is a resounding yes to Conquering the Crowded Curriculum. I suspect that most teachers would use and refer to this book much as they would a teacher mentor. It contains an excellent blend of simplified theory put into practical hands-on, easy to follow ideas. It is reflective of current educational pedagogy and comments on a wide range of panel experiences.

Conquering the Crowded Curriculum begins with how to build inclusive communities in a way you may have not considered. It also discusses promoting student identities, taking the same risks as educators that we ask of students, building inquiry based learners and integrating curriculum-using themes. It is a practical guide, designed to shrink the curriculum into ways one can integrate into daily practice. It is designed with thoughtful and well-researched practices, reduced into sound bite sized pieces for a busy educator.

Find your passion for teaching again by exploring some new ideas and putting them directly into practice. This is an excellent book that can be applied to any subject teaching area.

About Vanessa Woodacre
Vanessa Woodacre is a member of District 14, Kawartha Pine Ridge, and is a teacher in a Section 23 classroom.

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